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    There is always a reason and an occasion to give a gift: birthdays, weddings, graduation, Valentines Day, mothers day, fathers day, and a lot more. Others create situations where there will be a need for gift giving. And most of the time, gifts for different occupations are given to show the recipient that you care and appreciate their presence. One of these types of gifts is the gifts for different occupations. These gifts for different occupations are given to people with different professions, such as a doctor, policeman, engineer, laboratory technician, teacher, firefighter, clerk, manager, and any other occupation that you can think of. These people have made a difference in your life and you would like to present to them a gift for different occupations.

    Now, the problem lies on what gift for different occupation to give. Some people stick with flowers and cards to show their gratitude. But for some, this is not enough. Their way of thinking is that these flowers wilt and dry up, and cards get lost in the shuffle of papers. So they think of a gift that will not only be appreciated by the receiver but will also have a place of honor and even be a conversational piece.

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    You have a lot of options to choose from with regards to places to look for a gift for different occupations. Malls, boutiques, and stores are possible places to look for a gift. You can also make your own gift for different occupations. But if you neither have the time nor the access to go to these places, you can always surf the Internet and shop online for those websites which offer gift ideas and choices.

    A good example of a gift for different occupation is to create a likeness of that person, personified in a small figurine, which can be used as a dcor for the desk, a paperweight, or even a place to hold pictures. For example, you would like to give your dentist a gift for the great job she made on your teeth. Then, you just need to submit a photograph of your dentist to this website. They will copy the features of your dentist and make a small replica of her. You can even ask to make her doing a certain pose such as sitting on a dentist chair, or holding dental instruments. You can either have it delivered to her at her clinic or you can give it to her personally so you can see her reaction to your gift for different occupations for yourself.

    They can also make other gifts for different occupations such as for your neighborhood police officer, your doctor, your boss, your nanny, and even your accountant. They can make it in full detail, according to what you specify to them. This gift will guarantee instant recall of who you are. They will likely not forget who you are for several years. This gift for different occupations will definitely be a hit and something that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

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    Many tourists travel Spain to discover the historical places, wonderful museums, royal houses, gardens, mountains and Mediterranean seafront. You can discover all the great destination of the cities of Spain in Just a 9 day tour starting from the Madrid city. Let us take a look of complete 9 day tour of Spain that will cover almost all attractions while sacrificing some great places to visit in a detail journey to Spain.

    Day 1: Arriving in Madrid City

    Madrid is the capital and the heart city of Spain. Madrid international airport is the major airport of most of the international airlines to Spain. Madrid offers you a variety of travel destinations .Visiting all the great attractions in Madrid is not possible in a day or two; however you can discover some great places in Madrid and enjoy the street life, the culture and tradition, Flamenco dance, Madrid eatables and visiting the Real Madrid international stadium.

    Day 2: Exploring Madrid City

    Madrid is famous for many things including the Real Madrid sport club, flamenco dances, and bullfights but there are also many famous spots to visit in Madrid that are outlined below

    1. Palacio Real Palacio Real or Royal Palace is the top attraction in Madrid. It is the largest palace in Europe by floor area. The palace stand on the site of a fortress mayrit constructed by Muhammad I of Cordoba. In 1036 the fortress was inherited by Moorish Taifa of Toledo and after the fall of Madrid to Alfonso VI the Palace became his territory. However it was Alfonzo XI who first convened the Cortes of the Madrid for the first time and in 1561 Phillip II moved his court to the palacio royal. In the present day time the palace is use for the state ceremonies.

    2. Trip to Plaza Monumental de las Ventas Del Espritu Santo (The international Stadium of Bullfight) is the largest international bullring in the Madrid city. The stadium has a seating capacity of 25000. Tour to Las Ventas will be a great visit.

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    3. There are several famous hotels in Madrid. You can enjoy the local cuisines in Botin hotel in the Madrid city.

    4. Taking a tour to Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and enjoy the history of Real Madrid sport club.

    Day 3: Side trip to Toledo

    You may enjoy a side trip to Toledo during your stay in Madrid. Toledo is a 40 minute ride from the Madrid city. Spend your time in the historical places of Roman Circus and the Royal Palace of Alcazar. El Greco museum is also worth visiting in Toledo.

    Day 4: Trip to Segovia

    Segovia is at a traveling distance of 40 minute from Madrid City. The famous attraction in Segovia is Roman built castle of Alcazar. The Alcazar castle is 1000 years old. The city has an old cathedral and many small hotels and reservations for outsiders.

    Day 5: Side Trip to El Escorial

    El Escorial is a site just 45 minute ride from the capital city. You may enjoy the side trip to El Escorial castle, the Royal residence in the town of San Lorenzo de El Escorial. The site was built by Philip II of Spain. There are many famous spots in the building such as the chapter house and old build royal library.

    Day 6: From Madrid to Pamplona

    Pamplona city is famous for its ten 10 long festival of San Fermin from July 1 to July 10. During your trip you may stay for a day and take road trip to the city famous spots such as Museo de Navarra, Restaurante Europe and Baserri. You will also enjoy the street life of Pamplona city.

    Day 7: Trip to San Sebastian

    During your day stay in Pamplona you can take your drive to the San Sebastian city. Sea front of the San Sebastian has many famous beaches that will be your best destination during your trip. La Concha is one such beach that will be worth a visit. People can enjoy wind surfing, swimming, kite surfing, water sports and Camel ride in San Sebastian.

    Day 8: From San Sebastian to Barcelona

    After spending your time in San Sebastian coastal city you will take your ride to the Barcelona city. Barcelona is famous for its home football club of F. C Barcelona. You may enjoy a trip to Camp Nou football stadium in Barcelona. The best destination to travel in Barcelona is Sagrada Familia, the famous incomplete cathedral architect by Antoni Gaudi. You can spend your night in Barcelona or ride to your last destination of your tour in Cordoba. Cordoba is last destination of your tour that approximately is located 5 hour distance from Barcelona by train.

    Day 9: Trip to Cordoba

    Cordoba is famous for its historical Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. Mosque of Cordoba was one of the largest built mosque in the world. Ferdinand III of Spain captured Cordoba city and built a cathedral at the site of Mosque. There are many other great attractions in Cordoba that you can enjoy in the state of Cordoba.

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