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    Building your own shed is a task most do-it-yourselfers can accomplish in a couple of weekends, even if you have never built one before.

    Finding information with some detailed step by step instructions will make this project possible. There are many books that have nice plans and detailed illustrations. You can find these books online, bookstores, or your local library. You can also search online for storage shed plans. There are quite a few plans you can find for free, or you can buy some at a very cheap price.

    Once you find plans to guide you through the building process, you should contact your building department. Find out if any permits will be required. Zoning laws govern the size and location of your storage shed. Some of their requirements may include setback from your home, fences, or property lines.

    Once you are ready, and have chosen your location you are ready to start. Avoid building were there might be underground utility lines, if some day these lines need repair it will be difficult to get to. You can contact your utility department to find out the location of these lines.

    Begin by leveling the area for the foundation. More than likely you will be building on a concrete slab or a skid foundation, a skid foundation, being the most popular for the ease of construction. Another advantage with a skid foundation is that you can move your shed, unlike a cement foundation.

    Building the walls will be next after the foundation. If your shed is not to big, you can install the siding while the wall frames are still on the ground. Raise the walls and nail them to the floor.

    Assemble your roof rafters once the walls are raised. Assemble and nail the roof frame to the side walls. Now the siding and roof decking will be installed.

    Install the door, windows, trim, and shingles. Paint and your storage, and you’re done, the shed is now completed.

    Building your own storage shed is fairly simple because of its simple structure. If you have never built anything before, this is a great project to learn some basic carpentry skills.

    Try to choose a shed design that will blend in with your home and landscape. Find plans that are easy to understand and will be able to follow. Your plans will come with a material list. You can look over the material list to get a good idea how much this project will cost.

    Study your plans and the material list carefully before you start cutting anything. Once you familiarize yourself with these plans, and fully understand the building process you can begin to cut out all the material. Follow the instructions and start building.

    If you feel you don’t have the carpentry skills that are required, there are other options. You can show your plans to local handyman and get some estimates. Another option is building a shed with a kit. Shed kits will come with all the material pre cut. Putting these kits together only requires basic tools. These kits are available in wood, vinyl and metal.

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    By Lee Dobbins

    Often times, when you hear people talking about remodeling and decorating, the most talked about area of the home is the kitchen. People often redecorate their kitchen more than any other area of the home, which is understandable, simply because you spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. When it comes to decorating a kitchen, there are many themes you can choose, but one very popular theme is the cafe kitchen because it is unique and lighthearted.

    When decorating your kitchen with the cafe kitchen theme, you will want to make sure you have the appropriate accessories. One great accessory for any theme are bar stools. Think about the cafes you have been too or seen pictures of, what do you most often see? You generally see bar stools around a relatively small table. When people think of bar stools, they typically picture the pub type, you know the ones, they are big, clunky, and extremely heavy. These really have no place in your kitchen, we can almost read your mind.

    In your kitchen, if you are going with the cafe kitchen decorating theme, you want something airy and light. You could choose bar stools created with a style of wrought iron. Add some pizzazz to your kitchen with backing in a really fancy and fun design. If you want to go all out in your theme, match your table with your stools. Round tables are the perfect fit within the cafe kitchen decorating theme, you can choose an elegant glass top or a solid table top, the choice is yours.

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    Figuring out the type and style bar stools you want for your kitchen is the easy and fun part, now you get to start with the harder aspects of decorating, actually finding the bar stools. Finding stool is not the hard part, the hard part is finding something that matches your table or counters, as well as carry excellent quality that fits your budget. If you really want to make things easy on yourself, consider purchasing a set of table and stools together.

    How many bar stools will you need for your kitchen? Well, lets find out. Get out a measuring tape and measure the table. Now, after measuring divide that number by 28, which is about the inches you will want from the middle of the first seat to the middle of the next seat. After dividing the number you come up with will be the average number of chairs that will fit well within your area.

    Just when you thought the measuring was over, you will need to measure again. This time, you are looking to make sure you purchase bar stools that fit correctly under your table. To do this, go to the area in which your stools will be, under a counter or table. Measure the height from the floor to the bottom side. For comfort, it is necessary to have somewhere between ten and thirteen inches between the bottom of the area and the top of your stool.

    It is important to understand your area, how much room you have, and what works best before purchasing. This will allow you to make the right choices the first time, instead of having to be stuck with something you cannot use or take it back for an exchange. After this, you will have the great opportunity of enjoying your cafe kitchen every single day.

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