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    Every day we come across many events, some are etched in our memory and some vanish after a short while. To make moments memorable we photograph them and keeps it for long so that we can go back to them and rewind and cherish the memories ever and ever after.

    Virtual Uploading

    Uploading photos virtually is one way of storing pictures for posterity. The impact of the medium is so potent that anyone can share it with anyone, if they choose. Now a days various companies host their websites and add professional pictures to boost their business. Even small entrepreneurs can upload images of their products free of cost. They can do it themselves on Facebook page which has much reach. Even personal blogs can be created and images can be stored just like we keep an album at home. Ex. blogged .com, blogger.com etc. You can provide a unique name for your blog and promote it. Both text and pictures can be added. What we experience over the internet is virtual as we cannot touch and feel it and experience be it pictures of food items, grocery, clothes etc.,but we can view it and share it with friends and colleagues and buy it online from shopping sites seeing the pictures.

    The world of images

    Internet offers wide scope for image hosting and image marketing. There are sites which accepts pictures from users like dropshot.com, imagehousing.com, imgur.com, postimage.com etc. Some sites offer money for professional videos and pictures which is utilized by talented people. Uploading photos to be shared with friends is easy with Facebook and Instagram and it is free and widely popular among the people of all age groups. It is the cheapest way to connect with the outside world because creating a website involves lot of money for hosting and updating. But Facebook and Instagram is simple and user friendly and even a layman can operate it with ease.

    Commercial sites

    The use of websites for commercial purposes is widespread and it has linked people across the globe. From grocery to clothes everything is available on the net. They market the products by posting pictures of the product with the item code and price. By clicking we can choose them and it will be delivered at home or office. So the e- commerce startup firms and the commercial establishments are making use of the new age medium for business and commerce online. No website is complete without a good photograph. A good photograph is worth a thousand words and with increasing traffic the power of the photograph is immense. The power of the photos are so immense compared to the written word and all over the world the industry is booming at a fast pace. It records every aspect of human life and it can be shared instantly through the media and its impact is great.

    If you a newcomer in the field just upload few photographs of yours on Facebook and share it with friends .Once you are on track you can explore other venues and if you are in to business do it bit more professionally because that is expected of you and to succeed you need to be a thorough professional in the line. Cheers!

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    Medical And Nursing Uniform Buying Guide


    John Morris

    Are you feeling slightly apprehensive about the new direction your life has taken? Obtaining a medical and nursing degree is a challenging goal; your success is dependent on numerous factors, both small and big things, and buying the right uniform is one of the things that could ultimately affect your chances to become a medical or nursing professional.

    Lack of Uniformity

    Most companies, even hospitals, prefer their employees to be dressed uniformly, because they look better, and more easily identifiable, a problem that is common to large organizations. If youre not wearing the right uniform, your superiors may actually forget youre studying or working for them!

    Wrong Impression

    Most people still unfairly judge others on the basis of their appearance alone; you may find yourself gaining a bad impression solely because you bought the wrong choice of uniform.

    Work Penalties You may be forced to pay penalties or dues for something that could have been avoided in the first place.

    Asking for Proper Instructions

    The best way to know what type of medical or nursing uniform to buy is asking the right people for instruction. While any information provided by your peers and colleagues is of course welcomed and more easily obtainable, its still better to ask your superiors about the proper uniform to buy.

    Some hospitals allow their employees to have liberty on the choice of fabric, length and type of medical uniform to wear while other hospitals and medical institutions can be very strict about the proper attire for employees. Avoid making any costly mistake simply by asking questions.

    Where to Buy Medical and Nursing Uniforms

    InHouse Stores

    A number of hospitals, clinics, medical institutions and schools have their own stores that sell uniforms, text books and other supplies to its employees and students; if your school or workplace has one, thats probably the best place to buy your uniform

    Affiliated Stores

    Instead of an in-house shop, your company or school may simply be affiliated with a certain shop; you can ask your superior if they have one. Its better to purchase your uniform from a recommended shop because they already know what and what not to do when you commission them to make your uniform.

    Malls and Other Boutiques

    If your workplace or university is not fussy at all about the type of uniform youll wear, as long as its of the proper color or length, you can most probably purchase a ready-made nursing uniform at any mall, retail outlet or any boutique or shop that specializes in producing and selling uniforms.

    Online Stores

    You can also browse the Internet for online stores selling medical and nursing uniforms; make sure you compare rates before buying anything.

    Ready Made vs. Customized Uniforms

    Ready made uniforms are generally cheaper than customized ones because of the economies of scale. Available sizes however may be limited to S, M, L and XL. Anything less or more than those sizes would have to be custom-made.

    Custom-made uniforms may only be cheaper than ready made uniforms IF you find a couturier willing to charge low labor fees. At any case, custom-made uniforms usually have a better fit because the exact proportions of the user have been taken into consideration.

    Factors to Consider


    Most medical uniforms are either made from cotton or linen. Its important to choose a fabric thats comfortable to wear at any time of the day and even for long hours. Its also better to choose a fabric thats easy to clean because saving lives can sometimes be a messy job.


    Be sure to ask what colors are appropriate; if none have been specified, white is the most common and safest choice while dark colors can hide most stains from view.


    Again, make sure that you follow guidelines if there are any; this will only be important if you prefer to wear a skirt, rather than pants, as the bottom pair for your uniform. Make sure that the length is appropriate for work use.


    Its always better to use a plain or simple design for a medical or nursing uniform, because youre there as a professional, and not as a social butterfly.


    Be sure to try the uniform before allowing the last stitches to be made. Its better to stay from tight-fitting uniforms because they tend to restrict your movements.

    For more great nursing uniform related articles and resources check out


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    Designer kids clothing sale



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